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Reefcod Fish
Reef Cod Fishes are known for their minerals, vitamins, fatty acid and protein enriched content. These marine fished are beneficial for strengthening bone, for improving eye vision and also for improving cardiovascular function.
Tuna Fish
Tuna Fishes are known for their amazing health benefits. Omega 3 fatty acid present in these fishes is effective in controlling cholesterol level in blood. Potassium present in these marine fishes is effective in preventing inflammatory feeling in body.
Indian Mackerel Fish
Indian Mackerel Fish is a rich source of vitamin B12, selenium, iron, magnesium and other minerals. It is easy to consume as well as digest and possess omega 3 fatty acid.
Silver Pomfret
Frozen Silver Pomfrets are known for their unique skin beneficial properties. These marine fishes are useful in improving digestive function and in nourishing body with different types of vitamins that include B3, A and E.
Tiger Tooth Croaker
Tiger Tooth Croaker contains high amount of protein and said to be a great source of omega 3 fatty acid. It has fat content and palmitic acid which is helpful in keeping the body fit.
Leather Jacket Fish
Leather Jacket Fish is an excellent source of nutrition as it is full of protein content. It has a distinct as well as pleasing flavor along with longer shelf life.
Ribbon Fish
Ribbon Fish has mouth watering taste and high protein content. It is completely disease free and extremely fresh. This product also contains sodium with low amount of cholesterol.
Seer Fish
Seer Fish helps in lowering blood pressure and provides vitamin C & A. It is cooked in several different ways like steamed, grilled, fried, soups, curries and more.
Silver Croaker
Silver Croaker belongs to sciaenidae family that have longer life span. It is a good source of potassium and phosphorus. This product helps in strengthening bone density and support cellular structure.
Baracuda Fish
Baracuda Fishes are known for their nutrients enriched content. These are useful in treating depressive state of mind, in minimizing possibility of autoimmune disorders and in preventing asthma and heart attack.
Sole Fish is a type of lean flatfish that belongs to the Soleidae family. This is found primarily around the coasts of Europe, but certain kinds are also found in the waters of the Americas as well. This fish is widely exported by our company as well as supplied to our customers at nominal pricing.
Yellow Croaker
Yellow Croaker have a long and compressed body with larger mouth. It is up to 42 centimeter in length and used in Chinese medicinal applications due to its health benefits.
Seafood Export
Seafood Export includes various fishes such as eel, silver pomfret, yellow croaker, Indian mackerel, reed cod, ribbon and many more. This product has high content of protein and other minerals.
Frozen Fish
Frozen Fish Export refers to the exporting of fish to different countries by freezing the fishes. The fishes are frozen as low temperature keeps fish fresh and can be used for longer time. This frozen fish also does not get damaged while exporting and maintains its freshness too.